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Teacher Librarian

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The Reading Frontier (RF) program was founded by the YueCheng Education which, together with Beijing City International School (BCIS) are both invested by YueCheng Group, therefore we adhere to the same education philosophy and quality. 

The Reading Frontier (RF) program is intended for students aged four to twelve. The goal of the program is to nurture in students a passion for reading and to teach the skills and habits required to maintain this passion throughout life.

RF is an inquiry-based program in which students are motivated to channel their natural curiosity through the guided investigation of topics of great personal interest. In this way students harness the power of reading to enhance their critical thinking skills. At the end of the program each student applies his/her new learning by presenting a creative project of his/her choice.

Our library collection is extensive enough to satisfy the needs of most young readers. A huge stock of informational books, award-winning books, leveled books, book series, classics, and magazines are waiting to be explored by the curious children. Still, we are constantly enriching our library collection to ensure that every child, despite his or her personality and interests, will not be disappointed because a wanted book cannot be found. It is worth mentioning that we added colored dot-labels to most of our collection so that a young reader may easily find a book at his reading level or look for a book of a higher reading level to test his advancement in reading capacity.



Library Management

  1. Responsible for library acquisitions, selecting, cataloging, updating and resources management.

  2. Responsible for building and optimizing efficient lending services.

  3. Organizing library events on a regular basis.

  4. In charge of library team building and management.


Library Course

  1. Responsible for curriculum development and teaching implementation of the library course.

  2. Establishing teaching and learning principles based on the curriculum framework of the library course.

  3. Responsible for Library course teacher's training.

  4. Participating in teaching workshops and activities organized by the Educational Leadership Team.

  5. Actively communicating with parents. Maintain a good customer relationship.



  1. Salary Package 300,000-500,000 RMB/year depending on qualifications
  2. End of academic year bonus

  3. Paid and full assistance on working visa by the school

  4. Arrival assistance (airport pick-up)

  5. Paid holidays

  6. Ongoing training and development workshops

  7. Medical insurance benefits

Please also send your CV with cover letter to janet.cao@yuechenggroup.com 


  1. BA Degree or above in Library Science/ESL/Education.

  2. International recognized TESOL/TESL/ Certificate or other teaching Certification preferred.

  3. Minimum 3 years' experience with library management.

  4. Minimum 3 years' experience in teaching and curriculum developing of Library Courses.

  5. Familiar with popular levelling system and reading series.

  6. Loving reading, loving kids and loving educating.